Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Gift

I won't say I hated my job with every fiber of my being, though it felt very near to it at times. My students and their hilarious antics helped me endure even the worst days and I'll miss some of them dearly.

On my very last day, the mother of one of my favorite students gave me this box. I didn't open it in front of her and I was half certain it was something I'd keep out of guilt rather than genuine appreciation.

To my most pleasant surprise, I opened it to find a gorgeous wind chime. I had been looking for one to take home with me and I figured I'd settle for a cheap one from a 100yen shop. I was shocked to receive this hand-painted glass orb from a department store. I hadn't said anything to anyone about wanting one, I'd only been thinking about it. 

I don't want it to blow away in the wind or break on the balcony so it's staying inside for now.

The same mother also sent a card with photos to my Hawaii address. She said the family will come to visit the islands next year and she'd like to see me then. I don't know if her son will remember me, but I look forward to it nonetheless.


  1. Super Cute! My neighbor in Japan recently gave me a box of coffee biscuits from Ginza as an apology for all the noise that will be coming from her house next month due to construction. I was not even expecting a pricey apology gift, but it was still sweet of her! :)

  2. Neighbors tend to be good like that. And from Ginza??? LUCKY.


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